Summary of Qualifications:

  • PhD in Philology. From Moscow State University- Russia
  • Master Degree in Arts/Journalism. From Rostov State University. Rostov on Don – Russia
  • Diploma in teaching Russian Language at selective courses. Rostov State

University, Rostov, Russia 1982.

Summary of skills:

  • I have proven record of academic leadership during my work as Assistant

Professor from 1987-1993. During which I participated in putting

schedules for Teachers and Staff in Amman Community College.

  • Extensive experience in teaching Arabic Basic Course, intermediate,

Immersion, and PEP curriculum.

  • Significant organizational skills: setting priorities, planning executing

projects tailored to develop both students’ proficiency and teachers’


  • Effective interpersonal communication skills with supervisors, colleagues

and students as have been always praised by the students, team leaders

and chairs.

  • I have Experience in diagnosing students’ weakness and catering to their

needs and abilities, while I am working as a Cultural Counselor at

University of Jordan since 2004-2006.

Training and Courses:

  • International Computer Driving License (ICDL). The Royal Scientific

Society. Amman- Jordan 2002.

  • Attended a workshop under the title of “ Development Distinguished

Manager in Dynamic Administration”. In the following center “Al- Bisher “Center for Studies and Management. Amman- Jordan 2001.

  • I have a Certificate in Higher Management Program, for the higher rank

of the leadership from the following center “ National Institute for

Training”, Amman- Jordan. 1999.

  • I have a good knowledge of current trends in foreign language teaching

methodologies through teaching and researching.


Relevant Work Experience:

  • DLI Since February 2006 Associate Professor: Taught basic, intermediate and advanced Modern Arabic Language to military personal; adapted authentic materials for DLPT5, and shared it with my colleagues; authored and delivered presentations about Jordan in immersion training at Middle East School II; created and edited new authentic materials by using the knowledge of multilingual in searching and researching the new methodology in teaching TL to none native language speakers.
  • Prepared many presentations in power point about Arabic Grammar and


  • Prepared a presentation about Common Mistakes of the American

learners while they are learning Arabic Language.

  • Team leader since November, 2012
  • Writer and poet: Selective poems book under publishing, in Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine dialect.
  • Selective Poems in MSA and Dialect (Levantine) Arabic Presentation; for colleagues from 3 Middle East schools. November 10th 2015


Work Experience outside DLI:

2002- 2006 Cultural Counselor, University of Jordan, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Amman – Jordan.

Provided counseling to foreign students at the University.

Provided counseling to Jordanian students who earned a government

scholarship at the university.

1998-2002, Head of public relations and acting manager at Public and Cultural Directorate, Ministry of Higher Education. Amman-Jordan.

  • Prepared programs for foreign delegates visiting Jordan.

       Prepared draft for cultural agreement between Jordan and foreign


  • Organized and overlooked press conferences for the Ministry.

1995- 1998 Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Jordan to Moscow-    


–     Provided counseling to Jordanian students who were studying in Russia.

–     Notarized Certificates and Degrees obtained by Jordanian students from

Russian Universities.

  • Represented Jordanian Government by meeting with Russian officials to

discuss Jordanian students’ status.

1994- 1995 Head of Information Department and official   

       spokesperson for the Ministry to the Media.

       1993- 1994 Researcher at Statistic and researches Directorate,

       Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Amman- Jordan.

  • Co- authored a book about the Higher Education in Jordan.

1987- 1993 Assistant Professor, Amman Community College, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Amman- Jordan.

–    Taught: Introduction to Journalism and Mass Media and society, Political

science, public relations, Advertising, Principles of writing in Arabic,

Directing and production of Newspaper and Radio and Television

programs, Arabic Language for foreigner students.

  • Took charge of senior of senior Project for students graduating in



  • 1995-2002, A Member of Committees to recognize and accreditation foreign Universities.
  • 1994, Participated in the Seventh Annual regional Committee assigned to

approve and recognize higher education studies in Arab Countries in

coordination with UNISCO.

  • 2006, wrote a number of poems in Arabic that were translated to English

such as “The World and its people”, “The Flag”, “Our Homeland”.

  • A lot of articles in Arabic Magazines and Newspapers, as example:

“Happy Autumn in Najeeb Mahfouz Life”, ‘The role of Arab Broadcast

Union in Organizing and developing cooperation in the Media field

between Arab Countries”. It was published in the Faculty of Journalism

in Moscow State University in 1986.

  • Dissertation Thesis in Russian Language to obtain PhD Degree in

Philology from Moscow State University; 1986 Moscow Russia. “Radio

Jordan and his place and role among Arabic radiobroadcasts”.


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